XP1 SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Racing Oil

jgp00006.jpgViscosity typical of SAE 5W-20


Product Features:

  • Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their unrestricted engines.
  • Designed to handle 500 miles of competition, over 9500 rpm and temperatures above 250°F.
  • Reduces friction and fights valve-train wear, especially in flat-tappet engines by utilizing multiple synthetic base oils, and anti-wear and friction reducing additives.
  • Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuels.
  • Can be blended with XP0, XP2, XP3 or XP6. Consult Joe Gibbs Driven™ for blending specifications.



  • V8 engines with clearances under .0025"
  • Legends Car engine
  • Mini Sprint engines
  • Spec engines (Miata, Ford)
  • Small block drag race engines
  • XP1 performs the best in engines operating with oil temperatures between 180°F and 240°F



  • XP1 5w-20 Synthetic Racing Oil JGP00006 Driven Racing Oil

    XP1 5w-20 Synthetic Racing Oil

    XP1 5w-20 Synthetic Racing OilJoe Gibbs Racing uses XP1 synthetic engine oil in short-track and intermediate speedway engines. XP1 features a proven additive package designed to protect a flat-tappet camshaft turning over 9,000 RPM, and XP1 utilizes...

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